NHL Stanley Cup title screen

In 1993, we had NHLPA 93 and NHL 94 came out just before 1993 came to an end. Also before the end of 1993 was the release of this game. I recall during the 5th grade seeing this game being promoted quite a lot on game magazines and also on your TV:

This game was notable for its 3D environment and the view was always on the puck or the player handling the puck. Despite the hype, this game came up way too short.


Options and Graphics

The game setup menu music is horrible, along with some of the sounds. The game has rosters (no names due to the missing NHLPA license) with the abilities; however, NHL Stanley Cup does not have the option to edit lines. Sadly, there is no fighting in the game, no Probert vs. Domi on this one.

The graphics for 1993-94’s standards are below average and the best way to describe them is grainy. One of the best showings of graphics is when a goal is scored; it cuts to the upset goalie sticking the puck out of the net. Notably, the wall and glass behind him are there. But during game play, those two are missing. This missing wall and glass reminds me of Tecmo Super Baseball with the missing wall and dugout (however the wall is visible on pitcher view).

Another interesting but yet annoying item is the puck drop. The referee will not drop the puck until both players at the face-off stop with hitting the ice with the hockey sticks. Also, the referee kinda looks like Mick Hucknall from Simply Red (well, back in the day). During the intermission, we see a nameless sportscaster giving period summaries. We notice a full hockey rink behind him and a pixelated crowd.




NHL Stanley Cup isn’t really a difficult game minus the shooting the puck. One recommendation is to keep the penalties off as the Mick Hucknall look-alike ref is quite strict. There are no one-timers… sad.

NHL Stanley Cup also suffers from bad goalie A.l. There are times where the goalie just wonders around the net when the opposing team is on the attack. Despite the crappy A.I., the goalie can easily run over players. One thing I like in this game is when you check players properly, they fly halfway over the rink. Funny.

Shooting control is at random, so keep taking shots. There is a trick where you dump the puck before the blue line at a certain angle, it’s an easy goal. I couldn’t do it.


NHL Stanley Cup is slightly better than ESPN National Hockey Night, but it can’t compare with the NHL Series. Here’s a good review from UnderTakerFreak, try this (NSFW):