NHLPA Hockey 93 Title Screen

Released in Dec 1992, NHLPA 93 made it to Super NES and Sega Genesis. Some back in the day would refer this to NHL 93, the game has a NHL Players Association license but not the NHL one. You have the players from the 1992 NHL rosters and their ratings, but no team names. An example would be that the New York Islanders are known as Long Island. MLBPA Baseball also followed the same license dilemma. I suppose NHL and MLB could not trust EA Sports back in 1992 to late 1993. NHLPA wasn’t the first game in the NHL series, they started with NHL Hockey.


Features & Graphics

Despite the missing NHL license, NHLPA offered superior simulation-style gameplay for it’s time. If you wanted to deal with icing and that annoying offsides rule, you got that. You also have line changes, edit lines and fights! NHLPA has a great scoreboard presentation too. The game was one of the first to have instant replay, you can watch your best plays or fights! Or, you can be annoying and play the goal horn over and over again, they do overlap.

Gameplay and Demise

NHLPA 93 is notable for glitches, including it’s goalie glitch, if executed properly, you can score easily. You could have Kent Paynter of the Ottawa Senators (at the time) with a rating of 2 (out of 100) score a goal on Patrick Roy, a rating of 95 and was with the Montreal Canadians. When NHL 94 arrived, NHLPA 93 would later become a joke for the rest of the 90s as EA Sports pumped out a NHL game each year. NHL 95 for Sega Genesis would come with season mode.

The Verdict

Despite this, NHLPA 93 was a good start for EA Sports to dominate with it’s NHL Franchise of games. NHLPA 93 deserves it’s due.



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